Jackalope Artisan Fairs Event

We are excited to announce that Sunrise for Children will be attending the Pasadena and Burbank Jackalope artisan fairs every year!

Sunrise for Children is a nonprofit organization in Washington State that is dedicated to fighting and preventing child slavery and human trafficking. We work to bring awareness to businesses and community leaders and helps fund shelters dedicated to survivors of human trafficking in the Seattle area and beyond.

SunriseforChildren.org has adopted an organization that started by creating respite space for families with special needs within community events, so that those families can participate in the event as well. Then they began working with events to allow their participants to display their art pieces at events. The art was an incredible success, and they have grown to several of the largest events in Southern California. From the OC Fair to The Jackalope Artisan Fairs in Pasadena and Burbank. They have traveled all over Southern California!

The participants range in ages and life skills, but the events allow even participants with some more difficult social challenges a chance to connect with their community and describe their art. They have expanded to include a variety of participants with a wide range of challenges and talents. They include, a facepainter, candle makers, several artists, a jewelry creator and LEGO MOCs creator. SunriseforChildren.org is honored to welcome this talented bunch and help them reach their goals in anyway we can assist. We greatly appreciate your support in helping SunriseforChildren.org expand their reach in our community. All Sunrise for Children event proceeds support national & local efforts.We invite you to help support this wonderful foundation and our future events. We are soliciting support from our community members to donate items or gift certificates. We hope you will take a moment to consider donating to our charity.

Thank you in advance for consideration of this request.

Sunrise for Children